Thursday, May 25, 2017

Another Finish!?

Just 5 days later and I have another finish! Woo hoo! *does a happy dance* 

This one was really on my heart to do for my friends so I think that definitely made a difference with the speed at which I completed it. Overall I'm happy with how the personalization came in addition to the design.

FINISHED! "Love More" - personalized "Rainbow Heart" by FandomCrossStitchery

As I stated in my previous post, the original chart was just for the rainbow splatter that created the heart shape in the middle. I used a variegated floss to create the pulse symbol and all the writing. Coming up with the "Love More" text was interesting and took my several tries to find a font and size that I liked before stitching. 

Now to find the perfect way to frame this after cleaning and ironing!

As far as my next finish (hopefully), I plan on focusing on the Star Wars piece for my friends' child's room.