Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Trick or Treat Blog Hop 2017


This year my daughter will be going trick or treating for the first time as Snow White! I was supposed to go with her before I had to go to work tonight but unfortunately I now have to go in for overtime due to staffing issues at work, so I will be missing out. 😢 Hopefully my husband will send me lots of pictures.

In other news, it's now time for the Halloween Trick or Treat Blog Hop hosted by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching! If you haven't already, stop by there first to begin a hunt for a mystery phrase!

It's been a bit since I was able to actually work on anything major since my last post (thanks to a bunch of things keeping me busy) and  I had high hopes of completing a couple different Halloween themed pieces but time was not on my side. I really wanted to participate in this blog hop so I made time to stitch this little piece! I found it while perusing Pinterest from this blog where the creator gives permission for anyone to stitch it themselves! 

Stitches and Cats, Oh My! 's "Trick or Treat Ditty" FINISHED!

Now for what you all came here for: your letter for the Mystery Phrase! 

That's right! It's an "O"! 

Now continue on your hunt by hopping on over to Cross Stitch Empire!


  1. Cute little stitch. Happy Halloween!

  2. Thank you for the letter and hope your daughter enjoys trick or treating!

  3. Thanks for taking part in the Hallowe'en Hop this year.
    Such a shame to miss out on the trick or treating in real life though.
    Thanks for the adorable freebie!

    1. Thanks for hosting this!
      I know...especially since it's her first time :(

  4. Thank you for the letter! Happy Halloween!

  5. Oh...... cute stitching!
    Sorry to hear you missed out on Trick or Treating with your daughter!
    I haven’t joined in with the Hop this year ..... don’t have any Halloween stitching, but I loved seeing what you made!
    Happy Halloween!
    Barbara x

  6. Your little Halloween stitch is adorable! Hope your daughter has fun as Snow White - so sorry you're not able to go.

  7. Ooo look at the little black cat! That's so cute! Too bad you're missing out on Halloween walking but I'm sure your daughter will share her candy with you after, right? :)

    Happy Halloween and thanks for the letter~

  8. Thank you for the Halloween cuisine, that "O" will be perfect. Hope Snow White brought you back a basket of tasty apples. Amitiés.

  9. Such a sweet little finish for Jo's Halloween blog hop.

  10. I hope your daughter had a fun evening trick or treating and you got to see lots of pictures.
    Adorable stitch!

  11. Nice little stitched piece.AriadnefromGreece!

  12. I'm collecting letters. Thanks for sharing. I love your little Halloween piece. I did the same thing. I had a piece I really wanted to do....time said no. I'm off to collect more letters.

  13. That's a pretty finish. Thanks for including the link to the design. Hope you got plenty of photos of your little girl at trick or treat.

  14. Love the black cat and the spider in your stitching.

  15. What a cute little stitch! I hope your daughter had lots of fun.