Thursday, May 3, 2018

An Actual Stitching Update!

I finally have an actual stitching update!!! 

I haven't really been able to focus much on stitching between family adventures, my classes, and work but I have been able to do some stitching here and there over the past couple months. So this update is the culmination of progress made since about mid March and might be a bit long.

The 3 projects that I have chosen to focus on are all intended to be gifts and I would REALLY like to have them done in time to be gifted for their respective dates. I apologize in advance for the lighting on the updated photos.

First up is the Polar Pals stocking that I have been working on for my daughter. 
Here is where it looked like last time I posted it on December 2016:

Here is where I am at with it now:

It is a little hard to see the progress because it is a stamped design but most of the grays in the snowman's hat and in the penguin's arms have been done and the top section up to the first orange band has been completed since the last time I posted it. The intention was for this to be ready by my daughter's first Christmas... that didn't happen and then my husband had moved my project and couldn't remember where and I couldn't find it for about a year.... so I'd really like to have this done this year to be put up right after Thanksgiving, since my daughter is 2 and this will be her 3rd Christmas.

Next up is the Olde World Map. 
Last time this was posted about was in December 2017:

and now:

It doesn't look like much progress but there is some. The inner border for the Western Hemisphere has been done, the signage in the hemisphere has been started, a couple more feathers on the headdress, and a little more work on the boring border. If I can really hunker down and work on this one, I would like to have it finished and framed to give to my mom and stepdad for Christmas. 

Last up is the Star Wars piece that I am working on for my friends' son. 
In July 2017 it looked like:

and now:

This is going to be a birthday gift so I have until January to finish it. This piece is actually an evolving piece. The original pattern was of Yoda, Darth Vader and "Star Wars" but I decided to change out the words for their son's name in the Star Wars font and added his birth date at the bottom. I am still undecided as to if I will consider this a finish after the names are filled in or if I am going to incorporate another pattern and modify it. I have tiny patterns for the main characters and am contemplating adding them either along the bottom or the sides.

That's all for now! Here's to hoping I will be able to post an stitching update sooner than it took me to post this one!


  1. Great stitching update and I am glad you are finding a little time to stitch. That is going to be a great birth sampler! I love your Old World Map. I have seen it many times on FB and I always think about how stunning it is so I can't wait to see more progress on yours.

    1. Thank you! My parents love maps and their bed room is actually decorated with all sorts of maps and globes so when I saw the kit in the store, I knew I had to get it for them!

  2. You might not have a ton of progress, but what you got looks great :) A little stitching on the side can really help in busy times. I hope you can meet all of your goals!