Sunday, February 14, 2016

"Olde World Map" Project

I started this cross stitch project back in April 2015, worked on it for a few weeks and then put it away because I got distracted by everything involved with being pregnant lol. I decided to start working on it again the other day. My goal for this project is to try to have it finished and framed by Christmas so I can gift it to my mom and stepdad. They love all things maps so I figured they would really enjoy this when I saw it in the store.

This is definitely the largest cross stitch project I've attempted so far. It definitely intimidated me when I first opened the kit but it is enjoyable to work on. The piece is broken up into 4 quadrants and I am currently working on the upper right corner. All that is left is the border and then I will move on to the upper left corner. Here is the progress so far:

I will post a picture once this quadrant is done.

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