Friday, February 19, 2016

Tackling Comic Mountain

For the past week I haven't worked much on the map cross stitch but I have been focusing on organizing my mountain of comics that have been neglected. Being on maternity leave means I have a little bit of time during napping sessions to try and work on my To-Do list. A big item on that list is to clean/organize/rearrange the office. Unfortunately the office is riddled with several comics all over the place. The goal is to get all of the comics sorted into keep and sell piles and then box em up. Once that monstrosity is tackled, everything else should be easy enough to get through. The plan will be to have the Hubby help me move around the furniture and steam clean the carpet. We'll see how long it will be before its actually done!

Well... my bored nerdy self is off to tackle more comics!

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