Monday, December 12, 2016

Finally Back to Stitching, Christmas Time & Other Nerdy Business

It has been a crazy 5 months since I last posted but life is slowly getting back to normal in between the millions of overtime hours I have been working.

1st update: Stitching
Unfortunately I didn't have much time to actually cross stitch anything. I did however work a little more on the Polar Pals stocking for my daughter. The original goal was to have this done for Christmas this year but I'm not entirely sure that it will happen at this rate. If it doesn't then it will probably turn into a Three Kings' Day gift for her to be used next Christmas. 

This piece has been a little difficult for me to make significant progress on quickly. The main reason is because it isn't a cross stitch. I had to learn how to basketweave stitch, which for some reason took me forever to figure out after watching several YouTube videos. Now, however, I do have the hang of it and it's just a matter of actually having the time to spend on working on it. Hopefully it won't take as long as I'm predicting but we will see.

2nd update: Christmas Time

I love this time of year and I usually decorate the outside of the house with a few Christmas lights to make it feel more like the holiday despite the usual 70-80 degree weather here in Florida! Since it's our daughter's first Christmas this year, I added more lights to our collection outside and decorated inside as well. Usually it's just a tree inside. I felt the need to make this year a little more special and plan to add to our collection a little every year from now on!

3rd Update: Other Nerdy Business
I have finally had a chance to get back to playing games a little more often since having my daughter! And the past 2 months have had me excited with the new games that I have picked up and started playing! 

I think that's all for my ridiculously long update. I'll try to post updates about the stocking when I've made significant progress.

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