Friday, December 16, 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness - December 2016

So I've missed several GG's since May unfortunately but here is my last entry for this year. Sadly it's not a finish and it's also not a cross stitch. I have been learning how to do a basket weave stitch, which has been interesting to say the least. It's also difficult for me because it is stamped and I'm used to doing counted projects. 

This will be (hopefully) a 3 Kings' Day gift to my daughter to have for next Christmas (since I doubt I will get it done before this Christmas).

I have several gifted projects that I plan to either continue working on or start for next year and so I hope to continue to participate in the GG SAL and post far more than I was able to this year!

Current WIP that will be continued include Olde World Map and Highlights of Puerto Rico. 

New projects that I am looking to start in 2017 include a Star Wars piece for my friends' son due on Jan 6th, His Name Is Jesus for my in-laws, the Lord's Prayer for my grandmother, and I will probably find something to gift to my bestfriend for his wedding day. 


  1. Thanks for taking part in GG this year and welcome back for the final link-up post! Unfortunately, your photo has disappeared. Not sure where it has gone?

    1. I'm not sure why it did that. It's been fixed. Thanks for the heads up!